Competitions from Hotel Trumer Stube

If you also want to participate in one of our Facebook competitions, or have already done so, you will find below all the important information and terms and conditions for our competitions.

By participating in the competitions, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Participation conditions of our Facebook competitions

    Organizer of the competitions

The organizer of the competitions is the Hotel Rosenvilla, located in 5020 Salzburg, Höfelgasse 4 (Austria). Subsequently referred to as Hotel Rosenvilla.

     Who is eligible to participate?

Entitled are natural persons who have completed the 18th year of life. Persons who reach the age of 16 need parental consent, which is required by Hotel Rosenvilla. Participation in the sweepstakes is free. Automated sweepstakes or sweepstakes clubs are excluded from the sweepstakes.

    Who is not allowed to participate?

Hotel Rosenvilla reserves the right to prohibit the participation of individual persons, provided that there are decisive reasons. This may be, for example, the violation of the present conditions of participation, insult, forgery or illegal contributions, the infringement of copyright, competition law or trademark law. In case of such activity, Hotel Rosenvilla reserves the right to take legal action. Users must stand up for their unlawful behavior. Employees, the Hotel Rosenvilla, as well as their relatives are excluded from participation in the lotteries. The legal process is excluded.

    What can be won?

By participating, you have the opportunity to win a voucher containing the arrangement of the respective Facebook competition.

    How can you win?

You participate in the raffle by liking the Hotel Rosenvilla Facebook Fanpage and optionally commenting and liking the post.

    When do the competitions take place?

The competitions start with the publication on the Facebook Fanpage of the Hotel Rosenvilla and are limited in time.

    When and how will the winners be drawn?

The end of the competitions will be announced in good time via the Facebook Fanpage of the Hotel Rosenvilla. As soon as the raffle is over, the winners will be announced on the same day, excluding the public with an independent lottery.

    How do the winners learn about the profit?

The result of the competition will be announced on the day of the competition. The winner will be informed via the Facebook comment function of Facebook posting on Facebook.

    How do you get the profit?

Once the winners have been announced and have taken note of them, they will be asked to contact Hotel Rosenvilla to exchange the data required for the winning bid.

    What happens to the win if the winner does not answer?

If the selected winner does not answer within 72 hours, the prize will be forfeited. There is no further raffle. The participants have the chance to win again at the next lottery event.

    Data protection provisions / instructions

All data, which were generated by the competitions, uses the hotel Rosenvilla exclusively for the realization of the competitions.


Hotel Rosenvilla reserves the right to modify, modify or terminate the competition at any time. The causes of such activities may be a technical malfunction, disruption due to force majeure, legal reasons or manipulation by third parties. The Hotel Rosenvilla is therefore not liable for any consequences arising from the participation in the competition. The legal process is excluded.

    Exemption from Facebook

The contests are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook and are therefore not affiliated with Facebook. Facebook is also not available as a contact person.

    Additional provisions

Cash redemption of the prizes is not possible. Profit entitlements can not be transferred to other persons. The redemption of the prize will be subject to availability by the Hotel Rosenvilla. Excluded are July and August as well as the Advent weekends, Christmas and New Year's Eve. The legal process is excluded.